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Health Insurance

Uni & Good Friend is here to help you navigate the complexities of health insurance.
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Group Health Insurance

A business can only thrive when its employees are healthy. Count on us for your group health insurance needs.
If you're considering providing health insurance for your employees, Uni Good Friend can help. With our extensive experience and expertise, we can help you find a group health insurance plan that provides more benefits and competitive premiums tailored to your needs. We offer a full range of services, including insurance, employee inquiries, and administration, as well as tax office reports such as 1094-C and 1095-C, Medicare Part D notices, CMS reports, and cafeteria plans for employees seeking premium tax relief. With a variety of plans available for your employees, be sure to consult with Uni Good Friend about your group health insurance options.
Health Insurance
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Disability Insurance
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Personal Health Insurance

Health insurance is not just an option - it's a necessity and a responsibility.
family enrolling in family health care plan
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise and a balanced diet is crucial for a healthy life. Additionally, scheduling regular check-ups with your doctor to detect and address any health issues is important. For the happiness and well-being of your family, signing up for health insurance is not just an option, but a necessity and responsibility. At Uni Good Friend, our team of health insurance experts can help you find a plan that meets your specific needs. We'll ensure that you can visit doctors and hospitals without any hassle. From signing up for insurance to handling claims and ensuring convenient hospital use, we've got you covered. So, take the first step towards a healthy and happy life - contact Uni & Good Friend today.


Subscribing to health insurance is not just an option - it's a necessity and a responsibility.
senior smiling with daughters after receiving medicare insurance coverage
Are you approaching 65 and considering signing up for Medicare? It's important to plan ahead - enrollment is available between January 1st and March 31st each year, and it's recommended that you start preparing six months before your birthday. Medicare can provide valuable benefits like hospital treatment, outpatient care, and coverage for prescription drugs. To select the right Medicare plan, it's essential to speak with an expert who can explain the plan's benefits and drug coverage. This will help you make a decision you can feel confident about. At Uni & Good Friend Insurance Services, our team of Medicare specialists is here to guide you through the enrollment process and help you select a plan that meets your needs. Don't miss out on the benefits of Medicare - contact Uni & Good Friend today and get the expert advice you need to make the right choice.
Medicare Part A
Hospital admission / use of specialized nursing facilities / hospice care / home treatment
Medicare Part B
Doctor visits / outpatient and home care / various preventive services
Medicare Part C
Ophthalmology, vision, and dental services not covered by Medicare
Medicare Part D
Prescription and Medicare Certified Drugs
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